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    Dingnan Shanglong Mica Insulation Material Co.Ltd is a moderate standard  manufacturing and constructing nation troop group  industrial in Xinjiang,  which was established in 1958 --- in 1997, the factory was invested by the local government. Xinjiang is locates beside the famous nation road 105 at Jingjiu railway in Dingnan Ganzhou City, Jiangxi, and adjoins to the Ganyue expressway.   Trains, shuttle buses can be easily taken you to more places than Shenzhen, Guangzhou and Zhuhai. the facilitates of transportation for all the directions are the most flexible and convenient.
    Shanglong has her own advance manufacturing skills, the captain of technician team  in Xinjiang is the holder who has awarded the unusual allowance from the state department, he is also one of the formers who drafted  the State Standard; the mica processing and manufacturing equipments in Xinjiang factory are both high-class facilities in inland, those equipments  has a strong capacity in developing and a large scale assembly ability in producing. The main products in Shanglong are various endurable insulating materials for heating and resistance,  such as the spare mica materials for heating equipments, the mica papers, the mica cables, and the natural mica foils…..etc., they not only have been identified  and guaranteed by the international standard(IEC and UL), but also the China standard(GB).
     A large quantity of products has been exported to the following countries …… Unite States, Britain, Korea, Japan, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong area. Xinjiang has exerting herself to developing and manufacturing a big scale spare model HP5 mica plates for heating equipment, the plates are made of muscovite paper or phlogopite paper mixed with proper adhesive after pressed and baked. Under the high temperature and moisture circumstance, it remains a good mechanical strength and property of heat resistance, these plates have been widely used in metallurgy, chemical engineering and electric industries …etc., such as electric cookers for industrial uses, photocopiers, bakers, home ovens, electric cookers, electronic grit boilers, warming heaters, electric fan heaters, electric dryers, bread ovens, electric irons…etc., as the above mentioned electric mechanical heating stands, pads and insulating boards, the plates become the stable and reliable needed constructive and insulating materials.

      Shanglong preserves in a service spirit: quality first, user the highest ,prestige is the target. The factory promise that they will provide the excellent goods with an reasonable prices and after service, we welcome all the opportunities of the presence, inquiry and patronize from the old and new customers.

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